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At Farrell Heating & Air Conditioning, LLC we strive for 100% satisfaction in everything we do. We value your opinion and invite you to tell us and others about your experience with us. Please take a few moments to tell us what you think by leaving us a review here on our website or on any of these popular review sites.

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Alexis Gaskin
We've worked with Dan and Krystyna on a variety of projects over the years, and they are without a doubt the friendliest tradespeople we've ever had around our home. I'm also particularly impressed with their craftsmanship. I highly advise it.
Reuben Dupont
Price was exactly what they promised. Service was prompt and courteous. I will without a doubt recommend and use for future employment. I appreciate it, Dan and Krystyna.
Jerrold Haggerty
I strongly suggest it. I called Farrell Heating and received a very quick response; their employee Dan and Krystyna were very professional and kept telling me not to worry; he would help me with the problem and quickly discovered the leak and completed the repair; I will continue to use this company and will recommend it to my friends!
Ulhaq Faizan
Dan and Krystyna were quite professional and arrived promptly. They did a fantastic job of explaining what they were doing and what the issue with my bathroom was.
I called Dan and Krystyna as there was a leak in the airing cupboard from a shower pump that wasn't in use. They investigated the source of the leak, removed the shower pump and reconnected the pipes as needed, as well as providing a full service for my electric water heating system. All done as promised with the minimum of fuss. Will call Dan and Krystyna again when needed.
Dela Pina
Response to my initial message was prompt, and the technician was able to identify the issue swiftly upon his arrival within 24 hours. Furthermore, I spoke with the manufacturer on my behalf to have the service done as per the warranty. Dan and Krystyna have my highest endorsement, and I value your superb job.
Farrell Heating was used to install a tap and a radiator. The guys were quite pleasant to work with and completed the job quickly and efficiently. Communication was excellent. They will undoubtedly be used again. Strongly suggested!
Jacob Williams
Carl Allen
Excellent customer Service highly recommended to everyone
Zachary Thompson
A highly suggested plumber was Farrell Heating, who is flexible and helpful. He quickly resolved the old and unstable problem with my lack of water! I have nothing but praise for this business.
Christopher Miller
Our tap was leaking, so a family member suggested Farrell Heating to us. They went over each step in great detail. In the future, I'd use Farrell Heating. Once again, many thanks!
Michael Reynolds
On punctual, well-informed, and extremely educated were Dan and Krystyna. The two times I've used Farrell Heating have both resulted in excellent work!
Tyler Boyle
The plumber was the easiest I've ever worked with! I've made use of it a couple times for professional reasons. On time, productive, and has good communication skills.
Jim Dolderer
Our new kitchen faucet and bathroom repair were done by Farrell Heating today, and both received outstanding service at a very affordable price. was timely, trustworthy, effective, and professional. I fervently advise
Leo Ward
The team from Farrell Heating was wonderful to work with, and they did an excellent job fixing our leaking shower. Dan and Krystyna were incredibly polite, professional, and knowledgable, and they were a huge help in helping us choose the best solutions for our project. For any plumbing needs you may have, I would suggest them!
Shavni Hajy Youns
Excellent service They were on schedule, and Dan and Krystyna were very knowledgeable. They were needed to examine our sump pumps because my basement had flooded, but they turned out to be in excellent condition. I wasn't even charged for coming out and looking because they were so kind. I would unquestionably suggest it to anyone!
A Google User
In the previous six months, I used three times. Dan and Krystyna are polite and capable. The work was completed on time. My preferred plumber is Farrell Heating!
A Google User
incredibly weak water pressure My shower hose had a problem, as determined by Dan and Krystyna, and they gave me a fair estimate. very strongly advise.
Benny Leavell
In a commercial setting, excellent work was done. fixed all the issues that another plumber couldn't.
James Wenham
Dan and Krystyna were punctual, efficient, hardworking, and considerate of my distant work meetings. Would suggest to everyone!
Jason Read
The prompt reaction and evaluation of our bathroom shower left me feeling very grateful. All of our future plumbing needs will be met by Farrell Heating.
Jimmy Butler
They were excellent and arranged to visit our house as soon as possible to look into our problem. I'd undoubtedly make another call.
Randall Cruz
They did a great job. They were very knowledgeable and timely. Excellent experience; I would use them again.
John Scott
Excellent job, prompt service, and rapid feedback.
Richard Banks
Dan and Krystyna, you are great, and I'm so grateful to you both. Whenever I need them, I will utilise them again.
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